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House of Triumph Ministries also known as H.O.T., a ministry, founded by Apostle Stephen & Prophetess Jenelle Thompson, is redefining how church is done.   


Located in the Kensington section of Philadelphia, H.O.T. ministries is focused on outreach: feeding the poor & clothing the naked. They feel that showing the love of God without any "hidden agenda" is what is needed in a world that has been skeptical of the church.  In other words, showing "Love In Action".


Our mission is To give people the tools, tactics and techniques to triumph over every test today.





In 2000, Apostle Stephen became dedicated to and active in the ministry. He began to pursue God’s will for his life instead of his own.  He has held the offices of Deacon, Superintendent of the Sunday school and Minister. In August 2009, he was ordained as a Pastor. In September 2022, he was affirmed and commissioned to the Office of Apostle.

Prophetess Jenelle & Apostle Stephen

In 2015, Minister Lynda Reagan became a member of House of Triumph. She was active as possible as a satellite member, participating in Bible Study via Zoom and Sunday morning Worship via Facebook Live. Minister Lynda has helped organize a small group of women for a weekly Bible Study here in her hometown of Plainview, TX. 


Minister Lynda Reagan

Minister Lynda has been called to the Office of Teacher. She currently teaches a Foundational Bible Study weekly via Zoom and is developing a curriculum for some more foundational studies for continued discipleship training. Minister Lynda knows that with technology, she will be able to continue to stay involved in the ministry aspect of H.O.T., as well as minister to people in my own community as God leads her. In November 2022, she was licensed as a Minister.

As the Senior Pastor at House of Triumph, Apostle Stephen teaches with great passion and intensity. He has a genuine heart and love for God's people and strives to equip them to overcome challenges they may face along the journey.


Prophetess Jenelle has a passion for music. She is a radical praiser and a pure worshiper. She has been called to prophetically heal through praise and worship. She has been empowered to teach God’s people about true intimacy with The Father. In September 2022, she was affirmed and commissioned to the Office of Prophet.

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